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The Treatment Room Bexhill

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A Soft Tissue and Rehabilitation treatment clinic situated in Little Common, Bexhill on sea.

My name is Matthew Cole, I'm a qualified Soft Tissue Therapist. I specialise in a range of treatments to aid the recovery of muscular aches, pains and strains from all over the body. I have been qualified since October 2014 and established the "The Treatment Room Bexhill" in February 2015, over the last 3 and half years have built a solid reputation from my clients, I have had some really memorable success stories which you can read on my feedback page.

The Treatments I offer are not just for a sports person and those with physically demanding occupations, but can also help when the day to day activities which can cause a build up of tightness or tension within the body. These can all lead to postural and emotional stress which can present similar characteristics to sports injuries.

I use various techniques to manipulate muscles and other soft tissues within the body. This helps to reduce pain, discomfort, tension and stress, which can build up through either physical activity or illness, as well as increasing circulation and flexibility.

Physiological Effects Of Sports Massage

(Pain Reduction)

Waste Products and tension within muscles can often cause pain and discomfort. Massage, Dry needling, Cupping and other manipulating techniques helps reduce these in many ways releasing Endorphins throughout the body. Relaxation of the Muscles in your body relax through heat generated, circulation & stretching. Mechanoreceptors which Sense Touch, Pressure, tissue length and warmth are stimulated causing a reflex relaxation and a decreased pain levels.

See below a list of techniques I like to Use

Soft and Deep Tissue massage

Dry Needling

Negative Pressure massage (Cupping)

Positional Release therapy

Trigger Point therapy

Myofascial Release therapy

Connective Tissue massage

Deep Tissue and Transverse Frictions

Soft Tissue Release therapy

Muscle Energy Technique relaxation